Co-design frameworks


There are some interesting examples of Co-design frameworks created by Steve Heron, an experienced industry Innovation strategist, having worked at IDEO as a Senior Project Director. An interesting framework similar to the process framework I am proposing is to support co-design by synthesising design thinking, communication and participatory design. Through user-centred design features, enabling innovative learning cultures, the core of this framework is designed to engage creative practitioners in a participatory and diverse approach to new thinking. This methodology involves building rapid prototyping as part of new product and new service developments. Created from a ‘tacit’ styled phase (interesting reference for this would be Polanyi 2009) named by Steve as the germinating process of Curiosity. The secondary research material from books, journals, conference papers and reports … combined with primary research into consumer cultures transforms these collated experiences into tangible and articulate project outputs.

Having worked alongside on a number of Co-design research projects from 2009 to 2014 with Postgrad students exploring service industries innovation and communication design at University for the Creative Arts – London, I found participatory and mixed methods really excellent for eliciting radical shifts in design ideas. The results were new approaches for FMCG packaging, product development for social media start-ups and a range of creative, user-centric re-designs for the service industry.

More about the framework:  Design Thinking – EDIPT (Brown 2009) with phases: Empathise = Curiosity, Define = Identify, Ideate = Co-create, Rapid prototype = Inspiration and Test = Design for User.
These five phases all elicit practical and participatory approaches to collaborations that enable imaginative and innovative projects to blossom.


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