Beyond Discipline by Lara Furniss


Beyond Discipline: Design Practice and Design Education in the 21st Century written by Lara Furniss (2015) is a critical collation of perspectives around the influence of the digital shift in making (now common to all industries) from 12 major industry leaders. The document articualtes major shifts in design policy, design practice and design education with their reach across global industry platforms.

Furniss proposes that design has become so intrinsic to human interaction and communication that visual design narratives create pivotal cultural shifts in reporting and exhibiting new audiences that have global reach, with the portential of millions viewing (Blank 2015) through social media. The opportunities now available through pioneering contemporary communication design practice are re-shaping design
trends, EDIPT, practices and characteristics. Furniss proposes that the pursuit of design in the 21st century has experienced a resurgence in the practice of “designers realising the value of ‘holding’, ‘feeling’ and haptics as a ‘fundamental need”,
(Furniss 2015 p11) in response to online cultures of consumption and the digital experience of making, lacking the physical shaping of environments. Lara Furniss writes; “findings highlight key drivers for change and demonstrate their
breadth and complexity” (Furniss 2015 p11).


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